How Do You Bureau?

It is pretty standard for loan origination systems to have the ability to pull credit bureaus. Whether by integrating directly with the big three bureau providers or with a bureau re-seller, loan origination systems are built for accessing and utilizing the credit bureau.

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WebmasterHow Do You Bureau?

Advantages of Implementing MultiFactor Authentication

Identity compromise has the potential to ruin an organization, not to mention the lives of those whose identities have been compromised. It is the number one attack vector for hackers and online criminals. Because of this, many companies are considering the implementation of more stringent security measures such as MultiFactor Authentication (MFA).

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WebmasterAdvantages of Implementing MultiFactor Authentication


There is no denying the fact that automation can be extremely beneficial to businesses.

It can help increase efficiencies by reducing human error, reducing operational costs, and speeding up cumbersome workflows and processes.

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