myDEALER.CARE: Dealer Relationship Management System

myDEALER.CARE is a dealer relationship management system integrated with appTRAKER Loan Originations System for lenders to manage their dealer base and help keep their sales team organized.

What do you get?

  • Stay Organized

    Manage dealer contacts, dealer information, visits, and log calls all from one place!

  • Keep Informed

    myDEALER.CARE seamlessly integrates with appTRAKER LOS so that your team isn't left in the dark when it comes to your dealerships. This system allows your sales team to keep track of their dealers, including important notes and updates that your underwriters and verifiers will have instant access to.

  • Track Your Team

    Utilize myDEALER.CARE dealer relationship manager to help your sales team stay on track. Reporting on sales activity is included.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your sales team is mobile, so their system should be too! myDEALER.CARE is perfect for the traveling sales representative because of its accessibility from any smartphone or tablet.

  • Manage Dealer Documents

    Gone are the days of losing track of outdated dealer agreements. myDEALER.CARE has the ability to send documents electronically, so getting those updated dealer docs signed will be a breeze!

Want to learn more?

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