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Do you speak your customer’s language?

Do you speak your customer’s language?

According to, the United States is the second-largest Spanish speaking country in the world, which explains why lenders are working hard to capture that market (and others) in a more meaningful way with website localization.

Localization is the process of adapting website content to local culture, language, and flow in order to provide the most useful and relevant experience for the end user. There are many benefits that you, as a lender, could be missing out on if your websites and systems don’t utilize localization.

1. Increase your company’s revenues

  • If you target your site to only English-speaking customers, you are missing out on lucrative opportunities to increase revenues. If your website and systems speaks the same language as your customer, they are more likely to be comfortable doing business with you. For indirect lenders who work with dealers or other partners who may not speak English, being able to adapt your system to help your partners do business with you only makes financial sense!

2. Build credibility and increase consumer/partner confidence in your brand

  • Building credibility and trust in your brand starts with creating a great customer experience. When your customers/partners see that you took the time to translate for them, they will feel like you better understand their needs and will have increased trust in your brand. Increased trust and credibility leads to increased sales and business.

3. Gain competitive edge

  • If you are trying to conduct business with people, regardless of their language, you should do that in a way that they can best understand. Your competitors may not be doing this!

When it comes to loan origination systems, it is even more important for lenders to consider a system that can adapt to the language of their customers and dealer partners. For example, when customers go through the online credit application process, it will be a much easier process for them if they understand what information is being asked of them. If they have to submit documentation, localization of the site can be the factor that helps them complete the application process or abandon it if they are struggling to understand what is being requested.

appTRAKER Loan Origination System now employs website localization in Spanish and can be set up for any other language as well! If you are looking for a leg up on your competition in a new or existing market, we have you covered!

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