Trust Center

Security-First Design

Launcher’s commitment to security is at the core of our operations and product design. Our customers can expect seamless security on our platform that secures their data and helps compliance with various laws and regulations.

We endeavor to build a foundation of trust using our state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices. Trust us to keep you secure.

  • Protection

    Launcher’s products and customer environments are continuously protected with Antimalware, Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Web Application Firewalls. All our environments are also continuously scanned for vulnerabilities and any findings are remediated to reduce any risk of breach.

  • Independent Assessments & Audits

    Independent and qualified third parties verify our security posture with vulnerability scans as well as internal and external penetration tests. Launcher regularly works with credit bureau vendors and other third party data providers on security assessments like the Experian Third Party Security assessment. Launcher has also completed a SOC 2® examination for the appTRAKER platform. Access to the full report is available to our customers upon request. Other parties with legitimate interests may access it after signing a nondisclosure agreement.

  • Encryption

    Encryption using industry best practices ciphers and key lengths are used to store sensitive, confidential, and non-public information (NPI) data. Any data transmitted over public networks is securely encrypted using TLS 1.2 and above.

  • Authentication & Access Controls

    Access to the platform is controlled via strong password and usage policies, flexible multi-factor authentication options, and bad actor detection controls. Our roles-based access controls management supports key principles of separation of duties, least privilege and audit.

  • Reliability & Availability

    Our product is designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the scalability and resilience of the AWS Cloud Computing platform. It is both horizontally and vertically scalable across redundant hardware and multiple data centers in different geographic regions.

  • Our People

    All Launcher employees undergo background checks and are required to undergo mandatory security awareness training security awareness training upon hire, and annually thereafter.

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