Dealer Portal: Self-service and Auto-Decisioning

appTRAKER LOS includes a feature-rich Dealer Portal where dealers can do everything from instantly rehashing their deals to submitting funding stipulations for deals in-house!

What do you get?

  • Submit Applications

    Dealer Portal is the go-to place for dealers to submit credit applications to your team. Dealers can view their application history as well as current deals in Verifications.

  • Real-Time Status Updates

    Status updates are available to your dealers in every stage of the loan lifecycle. Dealer Portal presents real-time data to dealers so they won't need to call in for status updates!

  • Stipulation Upload

    Say goodbye to low-quality, slow, and costly faxes. Dealers can upload loan stipulations right from inside Dealer Portal. This is a secure and quick way to get deals funded faster!

  • Instant Communication

    Provide your dealers with a better way to contact your team. Dealers can send and receive messages through Dealer Portal's internal messaging system. Dealers and lender users will receive an alert when a new message is received.

  • Pre-filled Forms & Docs

    Dealer Portal ensures the accuracy of your application ad funding forms by auto-filling data, leading to quicker closings.

  • Virtual Underwriter

    autoBOUGHT extends the capabilities of Dealer Portal by providing dealers with an on-demand virtual underwriter available 24/7/365!

Want to learn more?

The Launcher team would love to show you around appTRAKER LOS!

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