appTRAKER CONNECT: Unified Communication Solution

CONNECT is an integrated communications solution within appTRAKER Loan Originations System that seamlessly supports two-way communications between lenders and their dealers and customers.

What do you get?

  • Armed with the Right Tools

    With a multichannel approach, customer service reps are more flexible in problem-solving and can reduce wait times, resulting in a speedier loan process!

  • Two-Way Text & Email

    Increase productivity by engaging and CONNECTing seamlessly with your customers and dealers, right from within the system.

  • All of the Bells & Whistles

    CONNECT is loaded with features! Send and receive emails and SMS with attachments, automatically tag them to applications, notify your employees and so much more!

  • Built-In Compliance

    CONNECT, like appTRAKER LOS, has everything you need to maintain compliance since it is configurable to your legal requirements.

  • Nothing is Lost

    Gone are the days of losing stipulations that are emailed or texted to your team. No more lost communications between personal emails, cell phones, and other 3rd party texting applications.

Want to learn more?

The Launcher team would love to show you around appTRAKER LOS!

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