autoBOUGHT: Your 24/7/365 Virtual Underwriter

autoBOUGHT brings lenders and dealers auto-decisioning capabilities anytime, right from within appTRAKER LOS Dealer Portal!

What do you get?

  • Automation For Your Dealers

    autoBOUGHT lets your dealers receive instant approvals and rehash their deals without the lender's assistance. Allowing for auto-approvals and auto-declines, autoBOUGHT also can refer applications to the lender for review.

  • 24/7/365 Decisions

    autoBOUGHT produces instant decisions allowing you to step outside the confines of an eight hour work day. Dealers can decision and rehash their deals anytime.

  • Data-Driven Rules Engine

    autoBOUGHT can leverage the full set of data integrations and built-in powerful rules engine in appTRAKER LOS to ensure quality and consistency in your decisions.

  • You Maintain Control

    You create the parameters and autoBOUGHT will handle the rest. Maintain full control over credit quality, structure tolerances, and the extent of automation involved.

  • Free Up Your Team’s Time

    autoBOUGHT is fully reactive and user-friendly. Dealers can easily make changes to their applications such as vehicle swaps and make changes to the loan structure within lender-defined constraints.

Want to learn more?

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