Smart Decisions & Risk Management

The Launcher team is here to support our lenders as they grow, as their priorities change, and as the market changes around them. We do that successfully by staying current with our technology and knowledge of the industry.

We maintain a high focus on speed and automation, enabling our clients to have a quick onboarding experience so that they stay ahead of the competition in this ever-changing marketplace. We never stop searching for new and innovative ways to improve our clients’ business with the implementation of the latest technologies.

Our powerful and unique, versioned graphical rules design enables lenders to save time and increase user efficiency by creating rules for risk, pricing, and compliance. This advanced rules engine takes in application data and runs it against the lender’s scoring criteria and program guidelines, recommending approvals and declines, as well as being capable of completely automated decisioning (or some combination of both!).

The advanced rules engine provides the insights and analytics required to help underwriters make more informed decisions. Automation in risk evaluation can easily help lenders identify and track more variables in order to build a more accurate picture of the borrowers’ financial state. Lenders can use these insights and attributes to build their own custom scorecards, speeding up the underwriting process and increasing risk management!

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