Scalable, Configurable, Compliant

appTRAKER Loan Origination System vV was built with YOUR business in mind.

appTRAKER Loan Origination System vV was built with YOUR business in mind.

Are you a startup lender, looking for a turnkey origination solution that quickly implements while being cost-effective and providing seamless growth opportunity? Launcher’s servers are hosted in the AWS virtual private cloud which guarantees the survivability of your data and allows you to thrive without worrying about outgrowing your LOS. Our launchPAD LOS is the solution you have been waiting for.

If you have been around for a while and are finding your current loan origination platform to be stale, unaccommodating, and outdated, appTRAKER LOS is your perfect solution. appTRAKER LOS is completely configurable allowing for any workflow no matter how complex. Changes are simple, meaning as you grow, appTRAKER grows with you.

appTRAKER LOS and launchPAD are perfect for your business. Know how we know? Because we built them to have the flexibility to be configured according to how your business runs.

Our powerful, versioned graphical rules design enables lenders to creating unique and complex rules for risk, pricing, and compliance. appTRAKER’s verifications module is organized by fully customizable tasks and stipulations, with built-in process automation. appTRAKER queues are also configurable, moving applications seamlessly through the application life-cycle. Develop and build custom scorecards using bureau attributes, application data, public records, vehicle information, or integrate appTRAKER LOS with your own scorecard.

appTRAKER LOS was built with compliance at its core, including TILA, Reg Z compliance, and state rules. It also has the capability of enforcing any internal policies specific to the application.

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WebmasterScalable, Configurable, Compliant
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