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CONNECT with dealers and customers via email and texting, collect stipulations, send requests, and more!

In today’s mobile-based world, email and text communication is key. It is imperative that your loan origination system has the ability to not only send communications to dealers and applicants, but to receive communications back as well.

appTRAKER CONNECT was built to let your applicants and dealers communicate back to you right inside the application. It is the only solution that is fully integrated within your LOS allowing for increased productivity through seamless communications.

With appTRAKER CONNECT, you can automatically tag emails or SMS text messages to the appropriate application, alerting your team in real-time when communications are received.

It makes sense that you want to reach out to your applicants and dealers in the way they prefer to communicate. The problem lies in using personal emails and third party texting applications which unfortunately leave too much room for mistakes, lost communications, and a lack of centralized tracking. With appTRAKER CONNECT, our lenders are provided with unified two-way communication with their applicants and dealers via email and text messaging.

Not only does appTRAKER CONNECT send and receive emails and text messages, but attachments are also included. You can receive loan documents directly within your application, and even update your stipulations automatically!

When armed with the right tools and a multichannel approach, it is so much easier for your team to engage and connect with your applicants and dealers in a more productive and efficient manner. They will have more flexibility in their problem-solving, and can reduce wait times and human error.

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