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Since Launcher’s inception, one of our biggest focus areas has been our partner and data integrations.

Data integration is a technical process of merging two or more individual data sets into one common data environment. It includes combining data from various internal and external sources into a single, consistent view.

Why is this important? How is it relevant?

This is important to the Launcher team because it is important to our clients!

The idea of a loan origination system with seamless data integrations means the end-user is able to utilize as many data points during the decision making process as possible. This means the lender is able to work more efficiently to build a stronger, more data-driven portfolio!

It makes sense!

Here at Launcher, we believe data analysis is one of the most important pieces of the loan origination process. We believe that your data should be available to you, at the point of origination, right from within our very own appTRAKER Loan Origination System. With over two dozen integrations already in place, you are sure to find a valuable data source for your business needs.

And if not? Well, we are happy to integrate with most industry-standard vendors to provide you the data you are looking for!

In case you like to get into the technical weeds, appTRAKER LOS can quickly and easily support many types of data integrations including APIs, JSON, or XML. It’s data the way you like it!

It’s LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS breaking down the barriers between lenders, vendors, and data.

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