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Handle all lending with confidence.

Handle all lending with confidence.

Launcher created appTRAKER Loan Origination System for lenders who demand more from their software. That demand quickly evolved into a need for a system capable of handling both asset-based automotive lending as well as non-asset based consumer loans. Because the Launcher business model emphasizes staying ahead of the market, the addition of non-asset based lending was quick and easy to implement.

The solution employs fully and partially-automated decisioning capabilities. With a powerful Graphical Business Rules Management System (BRMS), complex calculations and rules are run on a loan application before and/or after a credit bureau is pulled, allowing for automated decisions to be made on many lender-defined demographic or bureau attributes. Lenders may also seamlessly leverage statistical, machine learning (ML), or artificial intelligence (AI) powered risk assessment solutions from our partners to increase speed and efficiency while minimizing errors and risk. appTRAKER allows for the development of a custom scorecard using bureau attributes, application data, public records, vehicle information, or it can be integrated with a lender’s own scorecard.

appTRAKER’s verifications module consists of fully customizable tasks and stipulations, with optional automation processes that allow lenders of all types to finalize loans quicker. Multi-user access to deals means no users are ever locked out. A comprehensive security model means that only users with the right access can complete certain tasks and functions.

appTRAKER LOS was built with compliance at its core, including Reg-Z compliance and state rules. It also has the capability of enforcing any internal policies specific to the application.

appTRAKER includes a feature-rich Dealer Portal where dealers/lender partners can submit new applications, see real-time status of deals, instantly communicate with the lender, upload stipulations, and have access to fully populated forms and documents. The system is mobile-responsive allowing your customers and dealer partners to submit and access their loan application from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Since a single appTRAKER LOS implementation is capable of both asset-based and non-asset based applications and can be customized to fit each lender’s unique business, it is a perfect fit for lenders offering both lending products. From any asset to no asset at all, appTRAKER LOS accommodates any loan type in an easy-to-navigate, secure, and mobile-friendly environment.

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