Compliance isn’t just a legal requirement, it is a commitment to ensuring ethical and secure lending practices. Lenders who align their operations with regulations can establish themselves as trusted and responsible organizations within the industry. Lenders can also reduce their legal risks, while simultaneously strengthening their internal processes. Borrowers can rest easy knowing that their interactions with lenders are legal and secure.

With the increasing complexity of financial regulations, staying compliant can be a daunting task. This is where we come in.

Launcher’’s appTRAKER™ LOS vV was built with compliance at its core. With a robust rules engine and integration with Carleton’s industry-leading compliant lending calculation software, appTRAKER LOS vV ensures that loan products are not only calculated accurately, but also in full compliance with both state and federal consumer lending laws.

Within the system, user roles can be tailored to specific lending authorities and compliance-focused workflows are easily built and maintained by the lender to ensure all lending policies are consistent and enforced. Detailed audit trails aid in compliance audits by documenting parameters for approvals, declines, and any concurrence overrides by managers.

Questionable documentation? Launcher’s partnership with Reynolds & Reynolds ensures that all electronic forms used within the lending process are state-compliant.

Launcher’s appTRAKER™ LOS vV facilitates compliance by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features, robust data security, and ongoing and timely support. Reach out to us to find out how easy it is to switch and have compliance checked off your to-do list!

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