Application Updates: Cut Time & Cut Costs, Without Cutting Corners

As a lender, you are probably always looking for ways to reduce costs, without having to sacrifice quality. In a world where dealers tend to “shotgun” applications to every single lender, irrespective of their program guidelines (okay, not all dealers do this, but enough that your Look-to-Book ratio is probably bleeding a little), lenders are left to foot the bill.

Dealertrack and RouteOne have, within the past couple of years, introduced a way for lenders to accept dealer updates on credit applications. What this means for lenders is that no longer is a new application submitted every time something needs to be changed. Dealers are able to make updates to the existing application.


Lenders can now save money on application costs as well as saving time on having to compare and re-decision new and older applications! What could be better?


Here at LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS, we have taken this concept even further because we like to make things even BETTER for our clients using appTRAKER Loan Origination System.

  • The first thing we do is give your team an alert any time the deal has an update on it from Dealertrack, RouteOne, or our very own (and super amazing) Dealer Portal. This alert can be seen from inside the deal, as well as from the queue so that underwriters will never miss an important update.
  • The second thing we do is offer a clean and concise revision history so that your team can quickly and clearly see any and all updates made on a deal, regardless of whether it was updated in Dealertrack, RouteOne, or Dealer Portal.

These are features that we created to make life easier for our lenders, saving them time and money, while sacrificing nothing!

To learn more about how LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS is creating more efficiencies in appTRAKER LOS, give us a call at 877.5.LNCHER or visit us at!

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