E-signing…It IS worth it!

Every day, more and more companies are adopting e-signatures. It only makes sense when you consider the multitude of advantages to making the switch.

You may be wondering what advantages I am talking about…

Well, read on and wonder no longer!

1. Reduce Costs

Adopting e-signatures is a pretty amazing way to reduce costs. E-signatures directly help reduce fixed costs such as the cost of paper, ink, printers (don’t forget maintenance!), and shipping. Likewise, and perhaps even more importantly, by switching to e-signatures there will be indirect savings from spending less time filing documents, doing data entry, and searching for the notorious “lost file”.

2. No more missing signatures

With e-signing, the computer does all of the work. No more missing customer signatures, chasing the dealer down, dragging the customer back to the dealership, just to initial the bottom of page three. It is all about efficiency and automation.

3. Extra document security

Lenders may rest assured that their e-signature documents are legally binding due to rigorous security standards such as full document encryption, identify verification, tamper-evident seals and comprehensive audit trails as required by the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

4. Save time

We are all busy. Lenders are busy; dealers are busy; and customers are busy. It sure would be easy to speed up the paperwork process by removing the “in-person” aspect. When everyone’s schedules are hectic and it can become difficult to all be at once place at the same time, e-signatures save the day.

5. Integrate your solutions

Launcher now offers e-signing capabilities. Combine it with appTRAKER DOCS to form the perfect e-signing solution.

Let’s answer your questions! Give us a shout at 877-5LNCHER.

WebmasterE-signing…It IS worth it!
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