How Can Lenders Build Better Relationships With Their Dealers?

The relationship, between a lender and its dealer base can be fragile and should be handled with care. It benefits lenders and their dealers to foster a strong business relationship in which both parties have equal give and take.

While Loan Servicing Systems are in charge of managing the customer base after a loan is originated, there aren’t many platforms that can help lenders more effectively manage their dealer base.

Lenders are left with a half-baked afterthought of a page where the most basic dealer information can be stored, but not effectively utilized by the whole lending team.

Here at LAUNCHER, we believe the dealer-lender relationship is way too important to be an afterthought!

Launcher’s myDEALER.CARE was created to help lenders take better care of their dealer relationships.

It’s kind of like a CRM for your dealers….BUT BETTER!

  • Stay organized: myDEALER.CARE helps lenders stay organized by housing all dealer information and history in one system. Sales reps can use the system to manage their dealer data, visits, and calls in one place.
  • Improved internal communication: Sharing data between different departments allows your team to work together more efficiently.
  • Useful data available when (& WHERE) you want it: myDEALER.CARE ties in to appTRAKER LOS so that with the click of one button, a lender’s originations team can access a dealer’s stats to make better, more informed decisions.

With more information available at their fingertips, lending teams can work closely with their dealers to improve their relationship and get more deals on the books.

Want in on this? Give LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS a call at 877.5LNCHER or visit us online at to learn more about how we make managing your dealer base BETTER!

WebmasterHow Can Lenders Build Better Relationships With Their Dealers?
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