LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS Expands Compliant Lending Calculation Expertise with CarletonCalcs®

Jacksonville, FL: Jacksonville-based technology provider specializing in loan originations, LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS (“Launcher”), announces the integration of their appTRAKER Loan Origination System with CarletonCalcs® from Carleton, Inc. CarletonCalcs® is a suite of compliant loan calculation components that provides assurances to Launcher Solutions’ clients that their loan products are calculated accurately and in compliance with state and federal consumer lending laws.

Carleton, Inc., the U.S. leader in compliant lending calculation software, supports Launcher’s ability to generate contract-ready disclosures and compute the full array of finance options for both direct and indirect finance operations. Launcher’s appTRAKER LOS supports all asset-type financing, ranging from mattresses to automobiles, as well as uncollateralized loans. The CarletonCalcs® Loan Origination, Compliance, and Amortization components help maximize workflow efficiency within Launcher’s products.

Launcher uses its extensive lending industry expertise to arrive with the best technology solution for their clients’ individual lending needs. The CarletonCalcs® Suite of compliant consumer lending APIs is a great example of an integrated solution which gives clients of LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS the knowledge that their quotes, contracts, and underwriting are all accurate and compliant.

It is an increasingly challenging task to ensure that payments, fees, and ancillary products are all precisely computed and in alignment with state and federal regulations, the lender’s contract language, and the lender’s loan servicing system. The CarletonCalcs® solution combines cutting edge, cloud-based APIs with critical expert support services to ensure that Launcher’s clients have the tools they need to maintain compliance requirements with their individual underwriting rules and frequently changing state and federal laws.

“After a longstanding relationship with Carleton, it was only natural to rely on their expertise as we continue to expand our relationships with credit unions, banks, finance companies and other direct lending operations,” said Nikh Nath, President of Launcher. “They have a history of excellence with their calculation engine and loan origination compliance expertise and their experience is immediately apparent when working through their seamless integration process. In the lending space, a customer relies on the credibility of the loan calculations and Carleton provides that validity.” Nikh continued on to say, “Integrating with our partners shouldn’t be difficult. We are able to quickly and easily adapt the Carleton integration to the customer’s use case, ensuring that compliant loan and payment disclosure data is returned wherever they need it in their workflow.”

Launcher’s core methodology is to provide access to technology tools that align their platform to each lender, rather than the other way around. Matt Ruszkowski, President and COO of Carleton said, “Launcher provides their clients the solutions needed to improve their efficiencies throughout the lending lifecycle as well as the flexibility to adapt quickly. It’s an approach that most digital platforms are striving for these days, and we believe their product capabilities put them ahead of the curve.”

LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS is a technology products and services company built on the foundation of care, understanding, innovation, and speed. It specializes in loan origination for subprime/nearprime automotive lending institutions, regional banks, and credit unions. Its product offerings include appTRAKER LOS for indirect automotive lending as well as consumer direct lending and leasing, myDEALER.CARE dealer relationship management system, and myACCOUNT.CARE customer self-service and communication solution. LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS has service offerings aimed at helping its clients with projects related to data analytics, data integration, telephony, and custom web development. Learn more at or call 877.5LNCHER. Follow LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS on LinkedIn at

About Carleton, Inc.
Carleton is the country’s leading provider of financial calculation software, loan origination compliance support, and document generation software. Based in South Bend, Indiana, Carleton possesses over 50 years of leadership in this rapidly changing regulatory industry. Carleton guarantees accuracy in all their calculations and disclosures enabling their partners to fulfill compliance requirements today and well into the future. To learn more about Carleton Lending Solutions, please visit, or contact Joe McTigue, Client Engagement Executive at 800-433-0090 Ext. 239 or

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