Looking Ahead at LAUNCHER

Wow..  two years have gone by in the blink of an eye… that’s right, we have recently completed two years in operation as Launcher! ….and it has been an amazing two years with the support of our solid team, clients, partners, and investors. They all believed in our vision and trusted their future with Launcher.

Go Green and You Just May Make More Green!

While it may be impossible for your business to eliminate all paper, every little bit counts towards monetary savings and increased efficiencies. Let’s look at some stats provided by www.epa.gov. (Or you can skip the stats and just read about what is in it for you by GOING GREEN!)

Application Updates: Cut Time & Cut Costs, Without Cutting Corners

As a lender, you are probably always looking for ways to reduce costs, without having to sacrifice quality. In a world where dealers tend to “shotgun” applications to every single lender, irrespective of their program guidelines (okay, not all dealers do this, but enough that your Look-to-Book ratio is probably bleeding a little), lenders are

E-signing…It IS worth it!

Every day, more and more companies are adopting e-signatures. It only makes sense when you consider the multitude of advantages to making the switch. You may be wondering what advantages I am talking about… Well, read on and wonder no longer!