Having Trouble Getting Those Stips?

Coming from the subprime auto lending world, I know just how difficult it can be to obtain required stipulations from dealers and their customers.

You call the dealer or you call the customer, and ask them to fax in their stips. (Which is crazy considering how rare it is to even find a fax machine these days!) The fax doesn’t go through or when it does, somehow the other party never even receives it. Or, it isn’t even legible! It is an outdated process that causes unnecessary frustrations to all parties involved.

Let me tell you, there are much better ways to handle this… or at least here at Launcher, we think so!

We give our lenders tons of different methods to obtain required stipulations from dealers and customers. Yes, we definitely can accommodate the fax method (we don’t want to make anyone feel left out), but we also offer better, faster, less expensive methods in our appTRAKER LOS!

Not only can the lender upload stipulations from their computer into appTRAKER, but dealers can too! Right from inside Dealer Portal, dealers can view the required stipulation list and upload documents to appTRAKER DOCS. The system is mobile-friendly allowing users to access it on a cell phone where they can take pictures of the docs for upload. (One more fun fact, lenders can get alerted when a new stipulations is received!)

Customers can also join in on the stipulation upload fun! In myACCOUNT.CARE, customers can be sent a link to upload stips securely into the system where the lender can view them immediately. myACCOUNT.CARE is also mobile friendly, providing a simple-to-use method for customers to snap a picture of their stipulation and upload it.

If your dealers are big fans of RouteOne, we have finalized our integration with their document upload and can now take in stipulations from their system! Of course, we are still able to receive stipulations, contracts, and data input from Dealertrack DDS as well.

With so many ways to obtain stipulations, we have to ask…when will you make your processes BETTER with appTRAKER LOS?

WebmasterHaving Trouble Getting Those Stips?
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