Here at Launcher, our commitment to security is at the core of our operations and product design. Our customers can expect seamless security on our platform that protects their data and helps them comply with various security and compliance laws and regulations. 

Launcher’s products and customer environments are continuously protected with AntiMalware, Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Web Application Firewalls. Each environment is also continuously scanned for vulnerabilities, and any findings are remediated to reduce risk of breach. 

Independent and qualified third parties verify our security posture with vulnerability scans and internal and external penetration tests. Launcher maintains active security assessments like the Experian Third Party Security Assessment and has also completed a SOC 2® examination for the appTRAKER Loan Origination System platform. 

Another way that LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS protects its users’ data is by offering various MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) options. MFA is an important component of data security, as lenders handle personally identifiable information such as social security numbers and financial information. MFA ensures business’ sensitive data is made safer by adding a layer of security that supplements the users’ username and password. 

Each lender’s business is unique and each lender should determine their own needs and level of security measures by leveraging MFA and data encryption  to maintain regulatory compliance. Launcher ensures that the data within its systems is encrypted using industry best practices ciphers and key lengths to store sensitive, confidential and non-public information. Any data transmitted over public networks is securely encrypted using TLS 1.2 and above.

Understanding the security requirements and expectations is an important part of the implementation process for any lender. Launcher’s appTRAKER™ LOS vV makes it easy for Launch to partner with its lenders in an  endeavor to build a foundation of trust using  state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices. Trust us to keep you secure.

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