Dealer Portal: Give your dealers the power to do more

In the realm of auto financing, the relationship between lenders and dealerships often hinges on streamlined communication and efficient transaction processes. However, many lenders find themselves constrained by the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by the two major vendors, exacerbated by substantial costs. Recognizing this gap, Launcher presents its Dealer Portal, right inside appTRAKER Loan Origination System.

Enhanced Functionality for Seamless Transactions

appTRAKER’s Dealer Portal stands out as a feature-rich platform designed to facilitate seamless interactions between lenders and their dealer partners. Unlike traditional methods, this portal offers comprehensive capabilities that extend beyond basic application submissions. Dealers gain the ability to manage everything from deal revisions ( or Rehash ) to the submission of crucial loan documentation, all within a single, intuitive interface, at no extra cost to the lender.

Real-Time Updates and Communication

Dealer Portal offers real-time status updates throughout the credit application lifecycle. Dealers can track the progress of their applications and review updates for every originations milestone achieved. Furthermore, the portal includes an internal messaging system that enables direct communication between dealers and lenders, eliminating the need for frequent phone calls to check application statuses.

Efficiency and Accuracy in Document Management

For lenders, the Dealer Portal represents a significant leap forward in document management. By automating data entry and auto-filling application and funding forms, the portal minimizes errors and accelerates the closing process. Gone are the days of relying on outdated fax machines; lenders can now upload closing documents and stipulations directly into the portal, ensuring both speed and accuracy.

Maximizing Dealer Satisfaction with autoBOUGHT

To further enhance the dealer experience, Launcher offers its autoBOUGHT solution within the Dealer Portal. This feature provides dealers with on-demand virtual underwriting capabilities, customizable to meet specific lender criteria. It empowers dealers to make informed decisions swiftly, within a lender’s preset parameters, bolstering overall satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Reliability Beyond Industry Giants

Choosing the Dealer Portal means more than just functional benefits; it signifies a departure from dependence on industry giants. It offers lenders and dealers alike a flexible, reliable alternative that mitigates risks associated with system downtimes, security issues, and operational bottlenecks. Launcher’s Dealer Portal represents a pivotal advancement in how lenders and dealers collaborate and conduct business. By offering a tailored, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional vendor solutions, Launcher empowers its lenders and their dealers to achieve greater operational agility. For lenders seeking to optimize their dealer interactions and streamline transaction processes, the Dealer Portal is undeniably the ideal solution.

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