A BETTER Way to Contract

We’ve all been there…

You fight tooth and nail for a deal, going above and beyond the program guidelines. You call the dealer asking them to send in the contract and after a few days, you still haven’t received it. Mr. Dealer promises that he sent it to you this morning.

A week later when you finally receive the deal package in house, your verifications team informs you that the contract is not an acceptable version, meaning the dealer will need to get the customer back into the dealership to recontract and resign.

Another two weeks go by and the second contract arrives in the mail. This time, your verifications team notices that the numbers don’t match the approval. ANOTHER RECONTRACT.

You know there has got to be a better way to ensure the correct contract (with the correct numbers) comes in house the first time.

Yep. You are right. There is a BETTER way.

With E-Form Contracting inside appTRAKER Loan Origination System, lenders can send their dealer the correct version of the Retail Installment Sales Contract, including the approved numbers instantly via fax or email. appTRAKER LOS will also ensure that all of the numbers are Reg-Z validated.

The dealer simply prints it out, lets the customer sign it, and then can fax, email, or ship it right back to you. No hassle, no incorrect data, no recontracting.

To learn more about how we try to make a BETTER SOLUTION for our Lenders and their dealers, give us a call 877-5LNCHER or visit us online at

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