Queue-Based Workflows

appTRAKER has fully customizable queues with the optimal subprime workflow to increase productivity. Applications move seamlessly from underwriting, verifications, and the disbursement module as deals progress through the application life-cycle.
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Tommie GunvilleQueue-Based Workflows

Reliability & Security

Launcher’s servers are hosted in AWS which guarantees the survivability of your data with continuous data backups, replication to various geographic regions, and multiple recovery options. Your data is fully encrypted for all customer NPI and SSL for all internet traffic. Launcher grants you full access control and readily available audit reports.
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Tommie GunvilleReliability & Security

Reporting, Dashboard, & Data Warehouse

appTRAKER offers a suite of customizable reports included within the platform as well as the functionality to track origination KPI’s in real-time, allowing lenders to review operational data. We also allow access to a data warehouse designed for more powerful analytics.
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Tommie GunvilleReporting, Dashboard, & Data Warehouse