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LAUNCHER specializes in loan originations and that means we know our way around a credit bureau!

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It is pretty standard for loan origination systems to have the ability to pull credit bureaus. Whether by integrating directly with the big three bureau providers or with a bureau re-seller, loan origination systems are built for accessing and utilizing the credit bureau.

Sometimes though, you find yourself needing a little bit more from your loan origination system. As you grow, your business rules and models become more complex thus requiring more complex features from your software.

That is where we come in!


Merged Credit Bureaus

Merging two or three credit bureaus allows the lender to catch all trade lines between multiple bureaus. By reviewing all of the bureaus together, lenders are provided with more information about the borrower’s credit history which helps improve risk assessment.

All Bureau Formats & Versions Supported

Whether it is XML, FFF, or STS, we got it covered! What version are you using? 6.0? 7.0? We got it covered! appTRAKER also offers more than just the standard Bureau TTY version with lean, normalized, user friendly HTML and text versions.

Add-On Products

Credit bureaus offer a variety of add-on products that can help lenders build a bigger picture of their consumers to potentially mitigate risk. From Credit Summaries to High Risk Fraud and Identity Alerts, to OFAC Name Screen and Geo Codes…appTRAKER has you covered. Not only does appTRAKER present the data in easily digestible formats, but it also has automation built in to do more with that data!

Multiple Bureau Presentations

Multiple versions of the credit bureau are presented for ease of data consumption. appTRAKER presents the Bureau’s TTY version, but also presents its own normalized HTML and text versions for underwriters with any level of experience in reading a bureau.

Machine Readable Format

appTRAKER LOS has the ability to make the bureaus machine readable, so they are normalized to XML or JSON formats for uniformity. Free yourself from vendor-specific coding, minimizing cost and time spent on extracting bureau information.

Bureau Attributes

Bureau attributes can be used within appTRAKER’s auto-decision engine, business rules engine, and internal and external scorecards for risk and pricing analysis. appTRAKER LOS has the ability to aggregate and summarize almost 2000 bureau attributes from all sections of the credit bureau, by counts, time, amounts, ratios, delinquencies, industries, installment, revolving, bankruptcies, etc.

API & Exports

Your bureau data is available for offline analysis via our API interface or through one of our other data export processes.

Bureau Test Casess

Launcher offers bureau specific test cases matching various business scenarios to assist in QA testing of rules and pricing guidelines.

Think that sounds good?
This is even better: most of these features are included in the LOS!

Other Products

Integration Partners

Application submission sources, vehicle valuations, credit bureaus and public records, custom scorecards, loan servicing platforms, accounting systems, and fax, email, and SMS.

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